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About Us


''BC GROUP OF COMPANIES”, founded in 2005, is among the leading groups of Turkey and Iraq with its successful history and acts with the vision of becoming the leader in the sectors it operates. BC GROUP is operating in 10 different sectors of Construction and Contracting, Mine, Ready Mixed Concrete, Building Construction Materials, Real Estate Development and Investment, Tourism, Energy, Logistics, Fuel Oil, Foreign Trade. The success of BG GROUP is based on being customer-oriented and the management approach centring efficiency. This approach develops not only with material achievements but also corporate citizen consciousness that all society benefits and will benefit in the future. In line with this consciousness, BG GROUP also carries out various corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects, especially on child development and education.

BG GROUP offers its customers advanced technology, high brand quality and a dynamic human resource with its companies more than 25 and employees above 3.500. BG GROUP aims to increase the value of its brands not only in Turkey and Iraq but in a regional and global scale. BG GROUP provides its services based on customer satisfaction and trust principles, thus, representing Iraq in the whole world by creating prestigious brands across the world. In addition, BG GROUP grows in different business lines with its new investments without slowing down.

Furthermore, its subsidiaries with Signature Holding, Empire World and Dabin Group, leader in their sectors, are ongoing. As a result of all these experiences and cooperation, BG GROUP is among the leaders of change in Iraq by complying with developments across the world rapidly.

BCM, the locomotive company of our group gained the trust of its customers with successful projects it fulfilled till today since it was established in 2005, has achieved its well-deserved place among leading companies of the sector with its 3500 competent staff, technical equipment and the construction area of 1.500.000 m2 it has built, its success in high-rise buildings regarded as symbol.

Our adventure, started in 2008 with new construction of Iraq, developed in line with the needs of region day by day and brought a new dimension to the architectural structure of the region of Northern Iraq due to structural features of buildings it constructed. We became successful in many fields with our investments and strong joint ventures in all sectors we operate such as Construction and Contracting, Mine, Ready Mixed Concrete, Building Construction Materials, Real Estate Development and Investment, Tourism, Energy, Logistics, Fuel Oil, Foreign Trade. What is more, we have adopted the principle of contributing not only to construction, living spaces but also to social structure and cultural development of the regions where we operate with projects supporting economic structure and education.

In order to achieve our goals, we progress under the guidance of our corporate values:

• Customer satisfaction,

• Carrying out projects in foreseen time and quality, 

• Continuity of success and permanence in the sector,

• We are certain that our achievements, began in Iraq, would continue in all middle eastern region, we would contribute to the development of the country and achieve our future goals as long as we continue our activities in accordance with expertise in contemporary technology, respect for human and environment, contribution to the society.


As BC GROUP of companies, our mission;

is to understand the expectations of our customers and to provide offers meeting their expectations completely. To increase the brand recognition by using the power of equity capital structure and group companies. To provide a sustainable trust obtained with completed projects. To go on operating with a young, dynamic, trained, productive, solution-oriented team. To fulfil any commitment on time by producing immediate active and rapid solutions by considering all conditions. To carry out its commitments in line with social responsibility understanding by considering the needs of the region where it operates. To show an approach respectful to cultural differences in the regions where it operates and fulfilling international legal requirements. To ensure that any completed service meets customer expectations by utilising advanced visual technology. To ensure customer satisfaction in usage stage by considering all details in each project it undertakes. To provide a customer-oriented service with its solution-oriented, specially trained and experienced employees. 

Our vision;

is to become the ‘Leader Group’ in Turkey and every region we operate and the sectors we operate in line with customer and quality-oriented principles. 

2006BC GROUP started its activities in Istanbul. The first project in Iraq started with the project of Zeriland Housing Complex in Duhok.
2008Subsidiary companies operating in different areas such as Construction, Tourism, Logistics, Ready Mixed Concrete and Real Estate Investment gathered under the same roof of BC GROUP. Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificates were received. Environmental Management System Certificate was obtained. Empire World mixed project was signed in Erbil.
2009Subsidiary companies operating in different areas such as Construction, Tourism, Logistics, Ready Mixed Concrete and Real Estate Investment gathered under the same roof of BC GROUP.
2010 It was participated in Empire World project as an investor.
2011BC GROUP became one of the biggest locomotive companies in Iraq with real estate development projects.
2012BC GROUP began to become popular in Iraq, where it is operating as an investor and engineer, with real estate projects of approximately 3 Billion USD.
2013An agreement was signed for ''Marriott hotels chain and JW Marriott Hotel Erbil'' by becoming a partner with Falcon Group under Empire World Complex.
2014Co-investments with Al-Doski Group in Iraq were gathered under the roof of Signature Holding.
2019Green Zone Residence mixed project, our first project in Baghdad, was started.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy, adopted by BC Group, is based on the respect for human and the environment of living. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is always the first priority in all areas where BC Group operates, this understanding is expressed with the slogan of “protect your health, protect your job”. In order to provide a safe and healthy working environment, everybody is responsible for fulfilling what is required in his/her own boundaries of authority. One of our most important goals is to protect all our employees and the environment in which we live against possible risks of our business line. Accordingly, in order to ensure health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors, visitors and company employees working out of the workplace, we undertake to take following actions as our OHS policy: to take all measures under the valid OHS regulations and other OHS-related requirements, to have required tools and Personal Protective Equipment and to have them used when necessary, to determine and remove unsafe situations and movements, possible accident risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and its outbuildings by conducting an effective risk assessment, to ensure the health, safety and social welfare of employees, visitors, subcontractors at all levels by identifying the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace, to reduce any material and intangible losses that may arise in the future for themselves and their families, to train our employees on occupational health and safety and to enable them achieve a desired occupational health and safety awareness, to have sub-contractors and visitors, providing service in the workplace, complied with the rules established by BC Group related to occupational health and safety, to predict the possible situations that may be encountered in the future considering the development in the industrial world, to review related developments, to ensure the continuity of our OHS Management System, established and being carried out in this manner.

It is the collective responsibility of all employees of "BC GROUP" including senior managers to prevent occupational accident risks that may be caused by company activities and their negative effects on the environment, to create a healthy and safe working condition.  Our basic principles on Environment and Occupational Health and Safety:

• To comply with legal requirements related to “Environmental dimensions and Occupational Health and Safety” dangers and to meet customer expectations,
• To raise awareness of all stakeholders, especially our employees and suppliers
• To provide a healthy and safe working condition in order to prevent occupational diseases and accidents,
• To prevent environmental pollution at its source, to keep it under control if it cannot be prevented
• To keep waste amounts, especially metal sheet waste arising from our production and support activities, under control and improve,
• To utilise sources efficiently and to provide continuous improvement of our OHS and Environmental performance.

As “BC GROUP”, we undertake that we will apply all principles we have adopted on all our activities and way of doing business and comply with them.