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BC GROUP is providing service in “CONSTRUCTION AND UNDERTAKING” area of operation with its more than one brands. BCM is based in Istanbul and it is BC GROUP’s main company. BC GROUP is specialised in the field of Construction and Undertaking on design and construction of Shopping Centres, Offices, Hotels, High-rise Buildings, Public Buildings, Residential Buildings, Factory Buildings, Hospitals, Gas Stations and Multi-functional Complexes.

BC GROUP has completed a total of 1.500.000 m2 construction in more than 75 projects in the field of Construction and Undertaking since 2006. BC GROUP is one of the large employers employing more than 3500 employees in Turkey and Iraq in the field of Construction and Undertaking. BC GROUP gets into strategic partnerships with respectful and prestigious international companies in their areas. Our successful activity history of more than 15 years has also been accepted by our customers and partners and has been approved by many professional awards, certificates, references and certificates of appreciation.

Our goal is to continue to strengthen our position in the sectors of Superstructure, Infrastructure, Energy, Engineering, Supply and Construction in addition to Constructional Engineering.

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